دختر کدخدا

دختر کدخدا

دختر کدخدا

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دختر کدخدا (1969) Gratuits en Français, streaming VF دختر کدخدا A young villager named Nader is interested in Golnar, the daughter of Kodkhoda, but Kodkhoda is against their marriage, and decides to marry his daughter to a steward. Mubasher and Ramal of the village conspire against Nader, but there is a difference between the two of them, whose job it is to make the residents rebellious. Ramal is killed by the butler, and the butler identifies Nader as the murderer and makes him leave the village. Before Mubasher and Gulnar's marriage ceremony is held, he runs away and meets Farrukh Khan, the nobleman who is an educated young man. After hearing the story of Gulnar, Arbab's son makes it possible for him to study and gradually falls in love with him. However, after Golnar insists on marrying Nader and uncovering the secret of Ramal's murder and the butler's arrest, Farrokh, despite his mother's opinion, puts Golnar and Nader on the wedding table.

دختر کدخدا (1969)
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