Granice, kiše

Granice, kiše

Granice, kiše

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1h 33m 2018 HD

granice, kiše (2018) Gratuits en Français, streaming VF granice, kiše ‘Borders, Raindrops’ is a film about love, maturity, and hope, growing in a barren and abandoned landscape. The film is divided in two parts, with the protagonist, a young woman – Jagoda – connecting them as a ghostly presence, bringing hope and reconciliation within the two narratives. She is a student visiting family in the summer, living in the declining villages of former Yugoslavia, overlooking the Adriatic coast. In the first story she bonds with a cousin in his mid-thirties, who is building a house in the village, but has no one to marry and live with him. In the second, she helps a teenage cousin understand that his nation is no better than others, and that they all have to learn to live together on the recently established borders.

Granice, kiše (2018)
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