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oliva (2023) Gratuits en Français, streaming VF oliva Olive farmer Pascual del Vecchio ends up in a coma due to the shock of seeing his wife Graciela’s infidelity. But when he awakes, he thinks he is a Sicilian mafia boss, and starts tasking his youngest son, Miguel, with carrying out his “criminal” orders. With Graciela out of town on a semi-permanent vacation, the situation comes to a head for Miguel: after a year of pretending to be a Sicilian mobster, his girlfriend Gina, whom he hasn't told about his father’s mental state, will visit the family farm for the first time. But Gina won’t be the only one arriving, as Miguel’s older brother Felipe, who’s also in the dark about Pascual’s new persona, unexpectedly returns with a business deal to run by his father. Miguel must find a way to save his family’s past life or get them to accept the new one.

Oliva (2023)
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