The Old Captain

The Old Captain

The Old Captain

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the old captain (1911) Gratuits en Français, streaming VF the old captain The old Captain returns from his voyage and is welcomed by his faithful wife. The mate, a young husky man, is jealous of the Captain, and goes straight to the ship owner's office to knock him. He accomplishes the Captain's discharge. The old Captain breaks the news to his wife, who immediately betakes herself to the office. The old lady goes away disappointed. The new master cares not for his holiday, but returns at once to the ship, where he proceeds to give orders. The old Captain comes for his clothes, and offers his hand to the new Captain, who shakes it most lamely. A month later we see the new Captain drunk in his cabin, while a storm is raging. His men are hard at work at the wheel. The mate then rushes to the Captain's cabin and arouses him. The Captain and mate have a fight over the wheel, and, unable to control her, the ship strikes the rocks and is lost.

The Old Captain (1911)
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